"Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast"

- Peter Drucker 

Practica Consulting

Practica Consulting is a network of experienced agilists. Our consultants walk-the-talk, we have been implementing agile practices into corporations of all sizes, from start-ups to the largest of corporations. All of our consultants have experience from several different companies and we rely on best practices learned via practical experience.


You can have all the certificates in the world, but can you make it work? 

Practica Ventures

Practica Ventures works hands-on with a few start-ups at a time. We don't only provide capital, we work together with the entrepreneurs on everyday issues. We also build-up our own start-ups and therefor are on a constant look-out for energetic people looking to work for or be an entrepreneur in a start-up.

Look at our portfolio companies and the way we operate.

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