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During the past 15 years, we have worked with dozens of corporations on their agile transformation projects. Our approach is a bit different from most of the agile consultants - we merge ourselves into the project and development teams and make the change from the inside-out.  We don't preach a certain methodology, rather look at what makes sense to this particular company at this particular time. We know from practice what works and what does not and therefor we feel confident in being part of the transformation process from the very beginning to as far as it takes.


We have seen and repaired too many agile transformation initiatives that have gone wrong. It is important to set-up a realistic plan for all levels of the organisation and clearly think how each step is communicated and implemented in every corner of the organisation. Most proven agile methodologies work, but not all of them work for everyone.



Most agile methodologies don't talk about project management and there is a common disbelief that Project Management would somehow be in conflict with agile practices. This is not the case. Many times our consultant are in large scale projects, acting as project managers and implementing agile practices and coaching agility to the entire organisation. Project Managers are in a unique position to influence everyone from C-level executives to developers in development teams. 

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Practica agile consultants work in very diverse roles, therefore we demand a lot from our consultants. Most of us have 10-20 years of practical experience in agile transformations and have a solid track record of success. In order for Practica to be able to supply premium agilists for our customers, we have built-up a network of professionals to work with. We run a 100% transparent co-operation model that is fair for all parties. 

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