General Manager for Rekrybot!

Practica Ventures is a development company setting-up good viable startups. We've ramped-up spinoffs from our internal development, we've invested into some brilliant startups and also co-founded a few companies. Now we're looking for an entrepreneurial and business savvy talent to take the reigns on one of our startups, the Rekrybot. 

Rekrybot is a completely new way of finding good recruits via social media and receiving more quality applications for your vacancies. Please take a look from the link above and try the rekrybot by typing rekrybot as the receiver in your Messenger. And if you think you're up for the task, just continue applying while testing it out!

What's expected from the GM?

We've developed the concept and the first version of the solution. You will be employee number 1, so you need to get things done. The solution needs to be finalized (we'll take care of the tech stuff), product-market fit tested (we'll align you with the first customers)​ and you'll have to create a market entry plan and start maintaining a product roadmap with us. You're in charge, but you will have some heavy shoulder to lean on.

Naturally a company can't survive without customers. Your top priority must be in customer acquisition and making our customer experience the best there is! You need to be a self starter and an executer. Utilizing Social Media is second nature and we hope you're a very outgoing extrovert. This is your chance to show that you're a killer startup executive!

What can you expect from us?

Since you're employee number one, it wouldn't be fair to expect you to do everything. So we're here to support!

  • We're a small team of very experienced entrepreneurs and technologists. We have a number of successful startups and other companies under our belt and we will open doors for you.

  • We will challenge you when that's needed and we will support you through the rough times.

  • We will take take care of running the back office stuff for you in the beginning. We will take care of things like bookkeeping, wages, expenses, payments, invoicing and so on, so that you can focus on the service and taking care of customers.

  • You should keep as much time off as you feel necessary. If you feel that you're not really producing 100%, take some time off and return back in full power! We hope you use this freedom wisely and find similar flexibility towards the company when need be.​

  • You're free to choose the working times and places that fit you the best. We have a cool office in the very center of Helsinki and we sure would like to work with you, but we trust you to make the wise decision on what provides the best results.

  • We also believe employees come first. So in order for us to have satisfied customers, we need to have satisfied employees. We have the utmost respect for our customers, so please don't use the freedom we provide over customer engagements.

  • We will establish a very heavy shareholder plan for you based on your commitment and achievements. You will be assigned a co-founder status to the Rekrybot.

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