• Olli Junnila

FREE Social Intranet Bootcamps available!

Practica attended #Törmäys (collision in English) event on 19th April 2018 hosted by #Procom and #Haaga-Helia. The event was all about internal communications and brought together the Finnish influencers and specialists in corporate communications and human resources. Practica was invited as one of the seven startups to present their pitch/offering.

We decided to give out 10 Social Intranet Bootcamps for FREE. Six have already been agreed upon in Törmäys, and four are still available. The bootcamps are tailored to your needs and typically take 2-4 hours each. For some, these Bootcamps are an intro to Social Intranets and for some we're already helping them setup and align a program to start their journey towards a full scale implementation. We're located in Helsinki, Finland. If the Bootcamp requires travelling, that is something we must charge for, but otherwise these Bootcamps are completely free of charge.

Please contact me olli.junnila(at)practica.fi if you're interested.



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